Last November 10th 2015, “Heraldo de Aragón” wrote a new, which explain this work

This article informed about the main objective of the project EcoPROLIVE. The journal explained the EcoPROLIVE process idea related to achieve zero waste. In addition, all the products resulting from the EcoPROLIVE process will have commercial value.

Ignacio Álvarez of UNIZAR (Universidad de Zaragoza), a partner of project EcoPROLIVE, had been interviewed to do this article. He said that wastes could be used by pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry. Therefore, it will be possible to achieve zero wastes, the main focus of project EcoPROLIVE.

Heraldo de Aragón” is a regional newspaper founded in September 20th 1895 in Zaragoza (Spain). It has a tabloid format and with a circulation of 40,329 copies according to the latest data offered by the “Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión, OJD” (Difusion of Justification Office). This is the most popular newspaper in Aragón.

If you want more information about this new, you can read the article in Spanish here.

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