Different meetings took place in March 2016

The partner UNIZAR attended to a “streaming” of Science last 10th March 2016 and participates in a presentation of UNIZAR group’s research activities and discussion concerning the impact of processing on food quality and safety to high school students. In this presentation, the project EcoProlive was introduced as an example of the research activities of UNIZAR group.

On the other hand, UNIZAR attended to the 3rd School on Pulsed Electrical Field (PEF) between 21st and 24th March 2016 with the main purpose of presenting the EcoProlive project. This school introduces the technology, basic concepts and applications of PEF to Master and PhD students, and technicians of the food industry.

During these days, it took place different conferences and workshops. UNIZAR participate in the meeting giving a lecture concerning the application of PEF in the olive, wine and tomato industries called “Commercial applications for PEF in the wine, olive oil and tomato industries”.

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