The meetings took place in June 2016

The EcoProlive partner Centro para a Valorização de Resíduos (CVR) visited last June 29th 2016, the IPB‐Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal), namely the Superior School of Technology and Management (ESTiG), the Agricultural Superior School (ESA) and the Mountain Research Centre (CIMO) with the main purpose to disseminate and promote project EcoProlive.

Moreover, CVR’s team also visited the Brigantia EcoPark – Science and Technology Park of Trás‐os‐ Montes e Alto Douro (Portugal), which, besides having a privileged relationship with technology companies, has laboratories for the analysis of natural compounds that may be important in the determination of some components extracted in the EcoProlive process.

ESTiG, ESA and CIMO work with local industry, particularly companies in the area of extraction of natural bioactive compounds (preservatives, oils, scents) of different agricultural food waste, using complementary techniques to those applied in the project EcoProlive.

In this meeting celebrated in Portugal, promotion material, namely leaflets of the project, were provided to representatives of the institutions visited, so they can be disseminated among their partners and local companies.

On the other hand, the partner CVR participated in a workshop with an oral presentation in the 53rd Agriculture National Fair – 63rd Ribatejo Fair (53ª Feira Nacional de Agricultura – 63ª Feira do Ribatejo) that took place in Santarém (Portugal) on June 7th. CVR participated in the Workshop “Knowledge Transfer and New Technological Trends in the sector of Oliviculture and olive oil” with an oral presentation entitled “Application of new technologies in oil production”. This event had succeed because during the workshop some of the olive oil producers showed interest in the project EcoProlive, especially in the demonstration stage.

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